Spotting the Scam

With new technology and new opportunities comes new scams and ways to prey on unsuspecting folks. Let me set the stage. I have a website, yeah I know you know, but I’m trying to paint a picture here. On my site, lovely people, such as yourself, leave me positive, uplifting comments. In the beginning it was pretty much limited to family, friends and my boyfriend, who would write nice notes correcting the things I said about him. Now as I begin expanding and doing guest posts my profile is growing a bit. I occasionally get nice comments from strangers too. It is kind of exciting.

I am also receiving some odd comments from the same people, over and over again. For some reason there is a person out there who seems to think I am in desperate need of Viagra. I assure you I do not. I have also received a plethora of comments from, what I can only assume, is an alien visitor. The sentences make no sense. Mostly they are a random, stream of consciousness using random words. Here is an example. “So that you consider serious. Certain sounds profits is certainly qualification, Measures fitzgibbons, They turned completely cheap mulberry bags”? What kind of punctuation is that? Another one I have received several times is all in Russian. In my mind the expansive comment is full of praise for my wit, charm and impressive command of the English language. Most likely it’s from a Russian Prince who needs help getting his vast fortune out of Moscow and therefore needs my help…and a little money.Dummy in clothes of a nobleman of the eighteenth century - stock photo


I know I’m not the only one to receive spam but I was getting a lot. So when I received a phone call from a company saying they handled security for my web hosting company I took the time to hear them out. They knew my name, my website, my phone number and home address, so they had to be legit. We talked a bit about this issue and the friendly guy from Arizona said the problem was that I had malware (not to be confused with Tupperware, which is durable and handy). He said my site was going to be blacklisted. I thought that was only something that happened to Hollywood actors in the 1940’s, but apparently I was wrong. He told me he was going to pass me over to his security expert. I thought, great I am going to get this problem solved. The security expert chatted with me for a few minutes and then said he could clear up the malware for the low, low price of $200 or nothing up front and I pay $50/month…forever.

Oh the poor, poor silly scam artists. Lying salesman or businessman - stock photo They didn’t know who they were dealing with. I may be technologically backward, an example being I couldn’t figure out how to make the word guest post, up above, in a smaller font, but I have a secret weapon against all scammers, fraudsters and bilkers of the innocence. I am the most frugal, cheapest individual you will ever meet. You couldn’t sell me a glass of water in the desert. They could have told me my computer would self destruct in 20 seconds and I would take my chances to save a buck. My philosophy is, “If I didn’t call you and ask for it, I’m not buying it.

I later found out from people in the know that this is a scam. So there! Like Forrest Gumps quote “I may not be a smart man, but I know love.” Well, “I may not be a tech savvy woman, but I know money…and it’s all mine.


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  1. Lee-Ann

    It is weird how these comments come up… Here is my fav of yours so far “Hi there to all, the contents existing at this web page are truly awesome
    for people experience, well, keep up the nice work fellows.”
    I get these emails in my spam box at work that I think are using a translator and sending them out with a link . They are bizarre requests to reply agree to marry/date them. Anyhow, hope it gets worked out. I’ve heard that companies can access your computers while you are on the phone with them. Scary stuff.


      With a lot of help from friends I was able to find a spam filter and it is amazing, yet slightly disappointing, how much my comments section has quieted down. I almost miss the bizarre, flattering comments that refer to me as a man or a large group.

  2. Try installing the askimet wordpress plug in. It catches 99.9% of my spam.


      Thanks Stefanie, I recently did that and what a difference. Although it is a little disappointing because my comments dropped off significantly. At least I understand them now.

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